G’s McTravels: Kings and Mountains of Hungary

Once upon a restless night an unforgettable bedtime story was told to me about a Hungarian King.  This king had three sons that received their own horse as a gift. The fairy tale was about the smallest prince that became a good king, respected by all even though his horse might not have been the... Continue Reading →


G’s McTravels: Dublin

‘May you never forget what’s worth remembering nor ever remember what is best forgotten’ was the first Irish quote I saw once I arrived on Dublin’s airport. It reminded me of what I left back in Edinburgh. All of the adventures shared in this blog and lots of experiences left untold have resulted to friendships... Continue Reading →

G’s McTravels: Hills and Experiences

There I was. On top of the Calton Hill with the entire view of Edinburgh’s urban life and natural landscapes. This Hill was actually originally a volcanic mountain, which is pretty cool to know once you stand on top of it. It was mesmerising and cold. The weather was as expected in Scotland. It didn’t... Continue Reading →

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