G’s McTravels: Dublin

‘May you never forget what’s worth remembering nor ever remember what is best forgotten’ was the first Irish quote I saw once I arrived on Dublin’s airport. It reminded me of what I left back in Edinburgh. All of the adventures shared in this blog and lots of experiences left untold have resulted to friendships... Continue Reading →


G’s McTravels: Hills and Experiences

There I was. On top of the Calton Hill with the entire view of Edinburgh’s urban life and natural landscapes. This Hill was actually originally a volcanic mountain, which is pretty cool to know once you stand on top of it. It was mesmerising and cold. The weather was as expected in Scotland. It didn’t... Continue Reading →

G’s McTravels: Mountains

‘ Why do you have to go?’ Gergő, the Hungarian stranger asked in a slightly sad voice while we sat behind the bar of the Parlour. ‘ Because the mountains are calling me’ I replied. That moment flashed through my mind while I was looking outside. I quickly woke up from the daydream when the... Continue Reading →

G’s McTravels: Lost in Edinburgh

"Bi toilichte cho fad's a tha thu beo, bidh thu bas airson tide gu leor"  ‘’ Be happy while you’re living, for you’re a long time dead’’ This Scottish proverb has empowered my adventure the moment I arrived in Edinburgh. The first week gave me the opportunity to find answers to the questions that made... Continue Reading →

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