G’s McTravels: The Land of Knowledge, Confidence and Silence

A bird, once spreading its wings, floats mostly by the wind rather than using their wings the entire time to flutter. It let’s go and knows that the wind is there.  The travels I have seen this year have made me feel like that winged creature. Leaving the comfortable nest I called Home to discover... Continue Reading →


G’s McTravels: The Land of Knowledge and Passion

A poet is before anything else a person who is passionately in love with language. That definition is the same for a teacher of any language. It is the way we use our words that define our character as rough around the edges or perfectly polished. In both ways it is always open for interpretation... Continue Reading →

Miss G’s: Classroom Flip

''TELL me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn'', was a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin. From the moment we quoted him up till now, a lot of things have changed in the way pupils learn a curriculum at school. Looking at the involvement of our students, can we... Continue Reading →

Miss G’s: Hidden Brain Atlas

People used to believe that the earth is flat until someone proved them otherwise. That is why not everything you accept as fact actually is. The same thing goes for a new discovery that is made on how our brain functions. From secondary school till university, we are told that the right brain half is... Continue Reading →

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