G’s McTravels: Highland’s Heroines

No, not heroin the drug but heroine, courageous female fighters. For many of the strong women at the time of rebellion weren’t looking for a knight, but rather for a sword. The ladies at the time of the Scottish uprising had their swords ready to fight for their land as much as the men fighting on the front lines. Their swords were their intelligent minds, elegant attitude and perseverance. But would this be enough to be remembered throughout time? Were the women as honoured as the soldiers that died in battle? And if so, how much impact did they make in this world that is still dominated by men? 

The questions ran through my curious mind when I stood on the highest hill of a small city called Inverness. The sun just said hello to the new day, reflecting it’s light on river Ness which made it look like small diamonds. There were two mountains from a distance and big green trees around the castle. The view made me believe in perfection in a way that hope filled my soul.


Just in front of the castle, in the middle of the square there was a statue of a beautiful woman with her dog. It said that her name was Flora Macdonald. After some research I discovered that she supported the Jacobites by helping Bonny prince Charlie escape from the hands of the English. At the age of 25 she had the most brilliant idea to dress him up as one of her maids so that he could have a safe journey to freedom. Being the same age as me now, I felt humble to see a statue of such a great heroine. If a woman can outsmart a whole legion of british soldiers and succeed, I can succeed in my own goals to become a teacher and outsmart my pupils. The only thing you need is confidence, elegance and motivation. From that day forward she had been described as “a woman of soft features, gentle manners, kind soul and elegant presence. I love heroines for that. Most of them are fierce and elegant, a combination that is rare to find in any human being.

img_8387Her statue was made to look at River Ness, as if she welcomed the days to come with her smile. It made me proud to be a woman. Proud to be empowered by her and many other heroines that have given the new generation of females the opportunity to do even greater things. Just like the ‘ Edinburgh Seven’ who were seven ladies that applied to study medicine but later on got declined because the school did not want to make the necessary arrangements just for a bunch of ladies. After a four-year protest and march the Seven women against Edinburgh University won. In the year of 1869, that same university opened its doors for women, making it the first British university where women were allowed to study. These seven ladies were smart. They knew that even when ladies would like to study in the field of medicine, some would not have the money for it. With the thought behind every successful woman there’s a tribe of other successful women that have her back. The Edinburgh Seven started the Hope scholarship so that there would always be hope for the future generations to study.

The impact these heroines made is to this day is one of the biggest starting points in the field of education and rebellion. Being on top of that hill, made me think how lucky I am to have my own small amount of friends I am honoured to call sisters. I wish for every single woman on this earth to have the same and be courageous enough to fight for whatever their goal is in life. The only thing you need is confidence, elegance and motivation. and most of all: hope.

How this adventure lead me back to Edinburgh where I took a plane to be present at one of the most rare weddings in my lifetime. One that would unite countries, cultures and religions in the most hopeful way will be continued in the upcoming blog of G’s McTravels.




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  1. Have you already started classes? It’s fantastic to read that you’re taking such an interest in the history of the place. Can you tell me something more about the daily differences you notice?


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