Miss G’s: Youtube, Stimuli and Simplicity

Ever felt the desire to teach your pupils without any distracting stimuli? Here is a way to give more to the learners by showing less. How do you ask? Well, NicerTube can help you as an instructor to achieve your goal of a focused class. In this blog I explain the positive effect it has... Continue Reading →


Miss G’s: Kicking your Class towards the Future

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. So let’s make our students become the champions we see in them by giving the feedback they need. But how can we manage to give specific feedback to each student and still maintain some overview of what the whole class is doing? The digital world has found a solution... Continue Reading →

Miss G’s: Classroom Flip

''TELL me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn'', was a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin. From the moment we quoted him up till now, a lot of things have changed in the way pupils learn a curriculum at school. Looking at the involvement of our students, can we... Continue Reading →

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