G’s McTravels: Land of Cliffs

Where in life do you want to stand? To stand as close to the edge as I can, without going over, would my answer be. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the centre.

This burning desire lead me to the top of the Cliffs of Moher with a girl I had just met the day before. On top I was surrounded by heavy winds and raindrops, I wondered what gives me the feeling of fulfilment in life. What does fulfilment actually mean and how does that relate to my travels?

Let’s start at the beginning. Dania, a girl that I just met a few hours ago invited me to join her for a tour around Ireland. I took the usual lazy and comfortable answer: ‘no, I’ll probably be too tired but thank you anyways for your offer’.

I woke up at precisely 6 o’clock the next morning and couldn’t fall back asleep anymore. As if my brain and heart joined forces for me to wake up and take the tour anyways. Well if heart and mind combine their strengths, who am I to disagree? So I started putting on my usual clothes. Dania was already waiting in the bus. I need to hurry!

Hastily I walked to the bus, afraid of missing out on a great opportunity, not even knowing where the tour takes me to. Luckily just before the bus left, I made it.

The clock struck 9 o’clock and the bus parked somewhere near water. Coming out of the bus, I felt the wind kissing my neck, reminding me of the Irish weather. The smell of ocean filled my nose, making me more curious. We immediately went on a walk to the highest top of the cliffs. It was breath taking to see the grey clouds filled with raindrops and the sunshine coming through it, saying hello to all of us standing there.

My first glance of the view reminds me to this day of a poem that was sent to me by my other half. That precious sight will always be a high definitIMG_4188.JPGion picture in my mind. The short poem connects me to that moment.  He wrote:

On windy days even when the storm rumbles, there’s a weak light of the Sun fading in the clouds.

It breaks all your doubts and seeks to show you that there’s eternal Sunshine everywhere.

When standing on the edge, even
though the guide warned us not to due to the heavy wind, I saw the passionate water throwing herself against the cliffs, like a passionate symphony between two living things that create a never-ending story for everyone to listen to. All you need is to just stop and listen. It reminded me of Ludovico Einaudi, playing his song Le Onde.

There I was. Standing on the edge of the first Cliffs I have ever seen. In that moment of appreciation I discovered an answer to my question about fulfilment and what it means to me.

In life we wander around for distractions, but we travel for fulfilment in the search for adventures that shake our routines. That rattles us with surprises and endeavours. Creating a desired chaos that shatters routine and results to our own answers to life’s big questions. For what’s the point of everyone receiving the same answer if we are not all the same?


The day-trip was not something I desired to do at first. I needed and longed for my sleep more, yet now, having done it I can say that it changed me. Even though it was not life altering, it did give me a new perception. A life is never controllable nevertheless one can challenge him or herself to make it fulfilling.


How this adventure lead me to the Irish city of music will be shared on my next blog on G’s McTravels.




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