G’s McTravels: Friendships & More..

In my life I had to take care of every beloved one around me. I sacrificed a lot in the meantime’ she told me with a cold stare while my heart ached for her. ‘The only moment I can be myself is when I sing and play music’ Chelsea explained while a soft smile appeared on her face. She was a young girl in her early twenties that had seen more than most.  Nevertheless she was smiling and enjoying her night out with her friends. We talked about her life and what her perception is of the world. I felt connected to this stranger that I just met a few moments ago. She was kind and warm-hearted and welcomed me to Scotland. She introduced me to her friends, Saxo Sean  (because he plays the saxophone), Geoff and James. The guys were funny. They showed me that the pub was more of a community rather than only a place to have some drinks.  They welcomed me into their group like a long lost friend. We laughed about the funniest things while Jeff and Chelsea took rounds to sing. When they started, (no matter the fact that it was only us at the bar), they sang like they were on a stage singing for millions of people. Their passion was evident in how they played. Jeff asked me to pick a song for him to play. I chose Bryan Adams’ 1969. ‘ No problem, love’ he said while grabbing his guitar and giving me a wink. It gave me shivers while they were making sounds with their hearts and instruments. Like a harmony of the heart that’s translated into their music.  Sometimes the ordinary things really could be made extraordinary with the right kind of people.

Having heard a few songs ,the night almost had come to an end. I intended to leave the pub when Chelsea invited me to come along and continue the fun at a park located across the road. Knowing my hostel was just a walking distance from it, I thought; why not? Just take the chances you get from this adventure and see where it takes you. So I joined them and saw how this amazing group of friends acted like kids at the playground. The girls and I were on the swings and the guys were  playing on the flying fox. The mysterious Hungarian came along as well. He stood, leaning against the fence while smiling to the sight of us having fun. ‘ Why don’t you join us G. ?’ I asked him after I gave my swing to Chelsea. ‘ I’m too old for this shit’ he explained while laughing embarrassingly. ‘ You’re as old as you feel’ I replied. G didn’t talk much, I assumed he was more of the silent type. Little did I know back then what kind of friend he would become later on my travels.

After some rounds on the flying fox we all called it a night. Those moments at the park will always remain in my memories. The sight of these friends innocently having fun like they were kids on the playground again, made me envy them a little bit, nevertheless I felt more blessed to be a part of it. Even though it was for one night.

While saying goodbye and hugging each other I heard them saying that they’d let the other know once they would get home. This reminded me of my friends back in the Netherlands, always faithfully texting me at the end of the night when they got home safely.

In comparison to the beginning of the day, being lost in a big city like Edinburgh, I ended the night feeling more at home and motivated than ever to go on this adventure with an open mind and an open heart. Just like the Bryan Adam’s song it was one of the best days of my life. That night ignited a kind of passion. A passion for adventure that lead me to the best idea. I need to see the Highlands. I want to go to the corners of Scotland and see the parts that are more populated by trees, birds and moss rather than people.

How this dream of seeing the Mountains lead me to Inverness will be continued in the upcoming blog of G’s McTravels.






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