Miss G’s: Youtube, Stimuli and Simplicity

Ever felt the desire to teach your pupils without any distracting stimuli? Here is a way to give more to the learners by showing less. How do you ask? Well, NicerTube can help you as an instructor to achieve your goal of a focused class. In this blog I explain the positive effect it has on your pupils with a personal experience.

Its sunny outside and the learners enter the classroom. Immediately there are factors that make them wonder off. The first moments of the lesson are the most crucial. How the process of the entire lesson goes, depends on the introduction. During my start of the lesson on that sunny day, I showed a short clip. Besides the clip itself being very funny and interesting, there still were many interferences the children received from looking at the YouTube site. That is why I use NicerTube now. It hides all the distractions in order for the learner to only focus on the video itself.

An option Nicertube.com offers is choosing your own background colour or soothing wallpaper. This gives each video a certain nuance when you open the hyperlink.

Finally, get rid of all the fluff, distractions and sometimes-dodgy content around YouTube videos. It’s great for Education, Marketing, or just making others smile. No registration or sign-up is required. Imagine never hearing your pupils screaming which video they want to see next!

Newly discovered brain atlas. Want to know more? Check out: https://golanmuhyaldin.wordpress.com/2016/05/21/our-hidden-brain-atlas/


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