Miss G’s: Kicking your Class towards the Future

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. So let’s make our students become the champions we see in them by giving the feedback they need. But how can we manage to give specific feedback to each student and still maintain some overview of what the whole class is doing? The digital world has found a solution to this old problem. It’s called Classkick. In this blog I aim to provide teachers with information on how to use it in class.

According to a foundation on education, giving learners constructing feedback is one of the highest impact activities for stimulating them in their learning process. Based on that, Classkick was created as a digital device that allows students to work on their assignments with their iPads or mobile phones. Meanwhile the teacher can observe everyone’s progress at the same time on her digital device. This gives an opportunity for teacher and pupil to interact with one another and provide personalized feedback. Classkick has potential to becoming your new best friend when teaching a class.

Besides encouraging feedback, it also gives variable learning resources for the students to do on their own. This takes a load off of our work and helps the learner to become successful in being autonomous. A perfect moment to use this is when they work independently or need to hand in a group product. Every moment you open the app, you can see their groups’ process. Therefore Classkick is the assistant you always wanted, but could never get.

The best way to understand more of what Classkick provides and does, is shown in a short clip on their site. The link is: http://www.classkick.com/


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