Miss G’s: Equal treatment of Unequals

Einstein once said: ‘Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a ladder, it will live its whole life believing it’s stupid. We as teachers are always in search of how to differentiate the equal treatment of the unequal minds of our students. Through the enhancement of the digital world this goal is not impossible anymore to achieve. A content-rich site called http://www.knewton.com is a tool which redefines the way you give homework and/or instruction to your students. This is a step to the right direction. So why not use it to make your students become the geniuses they can be? In this blog I explain what Knewton entails and what the benefits are of such a site.

First of all let me just say that all teachers should be proud of their efforts to maintaining a balanced classroom and still trying to adapt their lessons. But new technology has come our way and why not use it to gain from it? Knewton.com explains: Knewton’s pioneering approach to adaptive learning draws on each student’s own history, how other students like to learn, and decades of research into how people learn to improve future learning experiences.

Secondly let’s focus on the learners. They get thrown into a sea of knowledge input and learn how to autonomously use that knowledge in a way that works best for themselves. In this way they metaphorically learn to swim in that sea through the improvement of their own skills. A student can become a ‘professional swimmer’ by personalizing the content and practicing in a way which suits them best.

Thirdly Knewton empowers every teacher to create an effective digital education product which can be measured in an instant. For example: a student and a teacher can get together and look at graphics that can show clearly how well he/she has improved. Furthermore it enables content providers to get insight to how well their content is working and how it can work more effectively by improving it. While the students work on their homework/skills they get a guided learning path which a teacher can follow in a very simple way. That way is through their own account which enables them to have insight in the process of each individual learner.

In conclusion the Knewton site gives learners and teachers the opportunity to do what they both do best. Learn and teach as effectively as possible. At Knewton they think that education is having the next great moment of successful learning.

Let’s open our minds to the digital ocean of knowledge which can be a revolutionary step for your students and yourselves to become what you have always wanted your learners to be. Successful autonomous students.




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